Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee Arneaud is a seasoned host and entrepreneur, best known for her work on School Duel TV and as the founder of The LA PR Firm.

As the host of School Duel, Lisa brings her passion for education to life by highlighting the academic achievements of high school students in South Florida.

In addition to her work on School Duel TV, Lisa is also the founder of The LA PR Firm, a boutique public relations agency where she helps companies and executives communicate their messages and philanthropic efforts to the public. With a focus on delivering personalized and innovative solutions, Lisa is a trusted communications adviser to many prominent officials.

Featured as one of Miami’s Top 40 under 40 Leaders of Tomorrow in Legacy Magazine, Lisa’s expertise spans across the worlds of entertainment, including sports and radio, as well as in education and the legal field.

Lisa’s resume also includes her working for the three time NBA Champions Miami Heat HeatTV, as well as various media giants throughout South Florida including iHeartRadio, CBS, and ABC news.

Lisa’s extensive experience in the entertainment and media industries has also led to her being featured in numerous publications. With a passion for using her platform to make a positive impact in the world, Lisa is an active philanthropist, supporting a range of charitable causes including Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., Big Brother Big Sister Miami, and others.

Lisa is a proud mother and wife. She loves to read, dance, and listen to music. She is also the founder of Coffee, Water, Wine podcast and website that serves to inspire, motivate, and elevate women. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism from Florida International University.

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